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Femme Fatale Gals 2020 Issue 3 Theme Reveal

We’re digging deeper with issue 3 - yes, even deeper than the power of love and vulnerability! This isn’t a magazine for the faint hearted. Nothing surface level here. We want authenticity. We’re looking beyond illusions. This time of quarantine is in complete divine timing with this theme I’ve been contemplating since the beginning of 2020. When everything stops, when everything falls, when everything is gone - what is our purpose? How do you define purpose? When times are dark, what keeps you going? Love. Light. Authenticity. Community. Hope. When plans are cancelled, how do you find joy in the seemingly mundane?

This next issue is all about gratitude. Its about celebrating the little moments. It’s about hope and joy and redefining our realities to be more meaningful. It’s about learning to not attach our purpose and meaning for existence onto shallow and superficial things. How can we leave the world in a better place than we found it? How can we rewrite our stories - our generational stories? What’s really important to us? How can we step away from pride and separation to come together? How can we stop seeing love as a game and rather as a necessity. We don’t have time to waste. The world needs our light! Our purpose is love.As I said, this isn’t a magazine for the faint hearted! We digging deep. Lots more information and details will be coming over the next few weeks! Keep your eyes peeled, go within, lots of love ❤️🦋

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