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Femme Fatale Gals: In Conversation - Peggy DiGioia-Davies


Last week I sat down with all around angel Peggy to film this very candid conversation. Think a podcast but filmed. Since I've known Peggy, the two of us have been on similar journeys with self care and healing, and we've always had very open and introspective conversations. We've been talking about filming a video like this since the end of last year, in hopes to encourage people to begin their own self healing journey. And if not that, then we at least wanted to just share some of our experiences and how they've helped and changed us for the better.

I've talked openly on Instagram about therapy/counselling (Therapy Friday Crew heyyyyy) and Peggy is also a massive advocate. However we did want to highlight that there is no one way to self care, and what may work for some won't necessarily work for others. Hopefully we can just encourage you to know that there is no shame in seeking help you may need, or in stepping out of situations in order to prioritise your own health and happiness.

This is the first video in a series of upcoming ones so if you liked this one and know of anyone else you would like to see up here, don't hesitate to send us a message!

All my love,

Khaya x

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