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I cannot quite believe that we’re here again, about to start our 4th magazine, and in May already. Spring is my favourite season. I live by metaphors and so I love the idea of blooming. Blossoming. Becoming. Ahhhhh. My favourite thing in Spring is when the blossoms grow back and the butterflies come out of their cocoons and fly around so gracefully. We do this process of metamorphosis ourselves on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

The issue 4 magazine theme for Femme this year is Becoming. I am hesitant to over-explain why I chose this theme, and what it means to me, as this theme is now yours. It’ll stir up something different in everyone. On a more general note, we are all like the butterflies, slowly and tentatively emerging from our cocoons now. Lockdown is lifting. Things are reopening. Other things are breaking. I don’t know. I just know that I personally feel like I’m cracking open.

Over the past 3 years of Femme, I have cultivated such deep self awareness and I no longer want to play small. I’ve limited myself for years, seeing myself as the ugly duckling when in all senses I have been the swan. (Sorry for that metaphor, it was just too easy.) The point I’m trying to make is that throughout these magazines, I have seen my growth. We practiced with our baby zine, Issue 2 we dived right in, and in Issue 3 we perfected our skills. We aren’t imposters anymore. We’re walking the walk. The stage is yours! What are you going to do with it?

Who are you really, and how are you going to embody that? I want to know about how you’re empowered. The past few months and years even have been really tough for us all. But we have survived. Never forget that! We are so, so strong. Celebrate that. Own it. Let’s stop selling ourselves short and really get a better, more positive look at ourselves.

This is the journey we are going on with Issue 4. Our Becoming isn’t something that we have to try to do. It’s more of an uncovering of who we truly are. Powerful, beautiful, incredible beings with a lot of resilience and courage. I want to hear about how you’re showing up for yourselves, and the world.


As always, we are accepting art work, writing of any kind, photography, playlists and whatever else your heart desires (in media form).

All submissions MUST be in theme with the magazine, otherwise we won’t be able to take them this time. I do send feedback and ask for edits here and there so please be aware of this if you are submitting your work. We accept all applications so long as they are in theme, non hateful and harmful to others. I will not accept submissions that are in any way offensive or hateful to others.

You do not need to be a professional photographer, writer or artist to submit. As long as your work is checked through and edited to a high quality, you can participate. If you need any help please feel free to contact me on at any point!

  • Writing submissions must not exceed 1 page of a word document and must include your name and title of the piece. They must also be edited and checked thoroughly.

  • All writing submissions MUST be sent in a word document - please do not copy and paste it into an email.

  • All entries MUST have a title for the piece and all entries must include the name or account you wish to be credited by.

  • Art and photography submissions must be sent in high quality, other wise we may not be able to print it. Please double check your work isn't blurry if photographing art work, and ideally send as a PDF.

  • Playlists must be typed up in a word document, not sent as an actual playlist and are limited to 10 songs.

As always I would highly appreciate it if you would buy Issue 3 or any other previous issue before entering, to help sustain Femme so that I can do this but also to get a feel for what we do in our magazine. We don’t pay for submissions but offer a discount on the magazine for all who take part.

If you have any more questions about theme theme or the submission process, feel free to contact us on any of our socials. Love you all so much and cheers to issue 4!

Khaya xxx

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